If you have ever worried that you wouldn't have what it really takes to win a fight ...

Dear Fight and Self-Defense Enthusiast,

Have you ever wanted a system for demolishing the supposed “expert black belts,” ex-cons just out of prison, and any other aggressive “a-holes” with more than just bad attitudes? Do you want to really learn how to fight?

You are about to learn some very effective techniques for using just the right move at just the right time.
You need a method for winning a fight against the bullies who spend all their time in the gym or dojo training … to hassle you and make your life miserable!

Over the last 30 years, I have privately trained a golden-gloves boxer, county sheriffs, a detention-facility guard, truancy counselors forced to pay house calls in dangerous neighborhoods, and even victims of sexual assault.

You are reading this message, because you have the same need as those just mentioned … you want to be able to defend yourself against all of the real, law-breaking monsters whose numbers are growing in our society. You need to learn how to fight.


Learn to Win Any Fight Fast … Not Like Some Long, Drawn-Out Match On TV. You’ll Fight With Unfair Tactics … That Work!


What I have to offer you is different from the same-ol’ same-ol’ advice that you get everywhere else.

Standard, low-to-medium level martial arts instruction just isn’t enough, these days. Times have changed. Attacks are more aggressive.

Even though I had had years of martial arts lessons, I couldn’t really defend myself. Not until I met one of the original Bruce Lee students.He was also an original Black Belt under Ed Parker (grandmaster of Kenpo).

More important, this man’s teaching methods were different … even from many of the other original Bruce Lee students. His methods really did work … and they were efficient. And they still are.

Because of his teachings, I haven’t had any self defense “problems” in the last 30+ years. Seriously.

And you can learn to end the fight in one hit (punch, strike, or kick), too!

Even if you think you have seen it all before, if you fear this will be the same, old basic advice, you can’t argue with the fact that from my previous book sales, thousands of people know that I have something different, more practical, to offer.

You won’t find what I teach on the UFC or in any MMA competitions. Talk about the forbidden fruit — some of these nerve strikes, vulnerable targets, and even a few of the punches that you are about to learn are banned … well, in any of the popular competitions.

After all, in the ring, you can’t use techniques that could permanently maim or even kill your opponent. They won’t allow what I’m about to teach you; in fact, if you are looking for tournament techniques, then this book isn’t for you.


    Danger: You will see a lot of warnings in the ebook How to End the Fight with One Hit. You have to be made aware of some of the legal consequences of using deadly moves in a fight.
    danger deadly hits, strikes, and punches


If you have ever had problems pounding a slime-ball with just the right hit, at just the right time, with just the right power …

Then the ebook, End the Fight With One Hit is definitely for you. You’ve wanted the moves and the strategy that will completely boost your confidence, right? You know that to beat your attacker, you’re going to have to use something different than what your enemy knows, agreed?

How To End The Fight With One Hit Will Teach You:

    How to prepare yourself before the fight ever happens. Plan for your desired outcome. It’s a confidence booster to be able to see the results of the fight in your mind, before the first hit is ever thrown. Believe it or not, there are a limited number of possibilities.
    Two fight-winning targets and the strategies you need to let your enemy determine which one you should use. I’ll even teach you a second timing … and you can let your attacker choose which of those you’ll use, as well. It will either be one or the other. Simple.

    The best single technique for kicking the living sh — uh, snot out of your attacker. This move comes with at least 5 variations. (You only need to remember one or two.)

    Knockout punches to the head — exactly where on the noggin and how. There are more vulnerable head shots than you think.

    A vulnerable shot that works (no, not the groin). Talk about a lifesaver! (Worth the price of the book.)

    Why kidney punches won’t work the way you want them to in these kinds of fights … and a much better alternative.

    With just one angle adjustment of your punch, you can bruise your aggressor’s bone with your punch just about every time. Have you ever had your bone bruised? Do you remember the excruciating pain? Enough said.


Many martial artists just don’t have a chance in a real fight. And even if they did, their altercations end up being long sparring matches. And they end up hurt for their effort.

I will show you techniques, including my special striking “tweaks” that will help you end the fight with one hit.

Inside these pages, you’ll discover:

    which technique a golden-gloves boxer learned from me AND then used on me! My first stop after that lesson was to the doctor, to get checked out. Ouch. This one is also perfect for women’s self-defense, because it doesn’t rely on strength at all.

    why there are so many legal warnings about the dangerous techniques included. If I am really going to teach you these fight-ending moves, then you absolutely have to know the possible consequences of your actions. (I am, pardon the pun, deadly serious about this.)

    my personal self defense philosophy, and I why I’ll do an awful lot to avoid getting in a fight in the first place. I’ll show you how to adopt and adapt a similar philosophy, if you want.

    how to make this efficient self-defense method automatic. (Imagine the speed of no-thought responses.)

“Note: Maiming means to permanently damage someone. You’ll learn to break bones, snap ankles and elbows, and even cripple someone trying to kill you, with a little known, and fairly easy-to-master kick.”


Give me a couple of hours of your time, and I’ll give you what it takes to survive … to end the fight fast.

If anyone picks it with you, you will be able to shut them down instantly. I will only teach you what works — no pie-in-the-sky fantasy.

This is an instant-download ebook. So, you can be learning these devastating techniques in just a couple of minutes. Really.

You’ll be able to use some of the methods immediately; others will take some practice. All are doable. All are ef

All the moves are efficient. Some are deadly.


What Others Have To Say About End the Fight …

Dear Keith

Yesterday I ordered your book “Ending the Fight” and I have really enjoyed it.

Anyway, I haven’t had the book 24 hours yet and I have read the entire book twice. It is probably the best book on self defense that I have ever read. I want you to know that I have not read it just for entertainment purposes, but to familiarize myself with all the techniques. The chapter on eye gouges was by far my favorite part of the book. I had no clue of the different types of eye pokes or the way to use them.

I just wanted to acknowledge your invaluable book by ensuring that there is someone out there that intends on applying this information.

P.S. I really wanted to thank you for reigniting my passion for martial arts. I had abandoned martial arts for about 5 years because I was no longer interested in fighting. As I grew older my interests evolved into survival techniques as I just want to live as well as I can regardless of the circumstances. Unfortunately I did not know anyone that really shared my viewpoint.

Your book really has opened my eyes to a new world of possiblities and I am grateful for this new opportunity.

Thank you

William Bolin (Aka Jax)


There are many different styles of the Martial Arts, and more than twice as many dojos and true “masters” of the art. It was by browsing the Net that I stumbled upon Keith Pascal’s website, and as time went by,

I found my way finding myself reading and re-reading the ebooks including End the Fight with One Hit. The manner by which Keith prods without really prodding his students and readers to discard any other notions they may have about whatever particular style….

What I have learned from Keith is to let my natural instincts take over and it works. Whether it be a 30- second fight or a three man to a team brawl …

I shall be a follower of this man for as long as he unselfishly gives of himself with every chapter and every verse.

There is no doubting his sincerity. And he is also quick to remind readers that there is always the other side of the fight, the one at the Police Station or Military MP HQ that one has to reckon with.

Keith — You rock — and have given many the confidence to stand up to what challenges they may face.

Thanks Keith, for all the years, Long may you live and continue to spread your brand of the Arts. You are one of the true classy ones around, and we appreciate it.

Ramon B. Reyes, Professional Bodyguard and Security Forces Trainer


“A few weeks ago, some big kids wanted my cell phone. I was afraid to fight, so I ran.

I wrote to Mr. Pascal, because after that incident, I was paranoid about walking home.

His suggestions helped immediately. I can’t wait to read his ebook, when it’s ready.”

Patrick P., martial arts student



What Do GoldiLocks and The Three Bad-Ass Bears Have to Do With End the Fight With One Hit?

Have you ever noticed that some of the ex-cons and athletes trying to promote their methods are trying to sell 30-page manuals?

Do you really think you can learn all you need to know to win a fight fast in 25 – 30 pages? And do you really think these prison promoters have the ability to teach anything practical to you? (The Chair is too small.)

On the flip side, some guys offer you any 500 – page piece of junk — a book that they bought the rights to resell. The reason that the book’s rights were so cheap was because it was junk … just a rehash of basic blocks and punches. Ugh. (The chair is too big … and not well made.)

And then came How to End The Fight With One Hit….

It’s the perfect size. Not something skimpy that offers you one paragraph of advice on each subject and not some giant tome, filled with useless methods of blocking and judo or “sport” throws.

You get 125 pages packed with exactly what you need to know. (Ahh … the perfect size … and quality, too.)

Download How to End The Fight With One Hit Risk Free!


Our 60-Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee

I offer a 100% money-back guarantee on all of my books and ebooks. All of them! There is absolutely no risk to you, when you download How to End the Fight with One Hit (and the ebonuses that I’ll tell you about in a minute).

Look, I want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. What you discover in my books has to help you become a more efficient martial artist. Period.

If you’re not happy, then I’ll give you a prompt refund. That’s as fair as it gets.

Let me be frank with you: I had to get your attention with this sales letter, but you won’t find any hype whatsoever in this ebook. It really is the most useful ebook that you’ll find on disabling your attacker in an instant.

Some of the hits to the head are real killers, if you know what I mean.

If you have ever seen this ebook offered before, then you probably saw it listed anywhere from $29.95 – $42.95.

(I released this book with one bonus for the low price of $39.95)

To introduce you to my writing and to get this valuable book in your hands, my publishing company has dropped the price to $25.




For less than the price of taking a friend or loved one out on the town you can discover super-efficient ways to keep said loved one safe from harm.

Warning: The price will jump back up without notice. I’m not sure how long or how many downloads will be allowed at this introductory price. You get the discount, because I really want to convince you that I write valuable and super practical self-defense information.

Download Your Copy NOW!

Take advantage of this limited offer and receive FIVE VALUABLE EBONUSES … but only if you get in on this special offer.

Valuable eBonus #1

Faster Eye Jabs — I’ll show you everything from footwork, to cutting the distance with your hand position, all in 32 pages. You’ll learn practice methods and even a panic response. Since there is a section on eye jabs on End the Fight With One Hit, this ebook will be a perfect complement. Your eye jabs will be different from run-of-the-mill martial-arts advice.

Valuable eBonus #2

learning perfect distance for power punches plus ...Worth the Price of The Book — In this 14-page ebooklet, we’ll go into greater detail with four points in End the Fight With One Hit. Each of these tactics or techniques by themselves really are worth the price of the book. In fact, I was hesitant in to include my method for keeping your opponent at exactly the right distance to land a punch with the most power possible, but I decided that you need this easy-to-practice edge in a fight.

Valuable eBonus #3

more efficient fightingSqueeze More Juice: Strengthen Your Ability to End the Fight With One Hit (13 pages) — If you want the advantage of developing even more precision with the techniques found in End the Fight With One Hit, then look no further. This ebooklet examines a few golden-nuggets of information in even greater detail. Warning: You Have to Read the Main eBook, first. This book won’t really make sense without it. (This adds the For-Your-Eyes-Only factor.)

Valuable eBonus #4

deadly palm strike or at least powerfulThe Palm-Strike Solution — There are a few spots in the main ebook where you make use of an open-palm strike. This ebooklet (14 pages) helps you generalize this hit, so you can use it effectively in a variety of situations. In fact, if you worry about injuring your hands, fingers, or knuckles, then this book will be your godsend.

Valuable eBonus #5

martial arts vips onlyI edit several martial-arts ezines and newsletters online, including Martial Arts Mastery, one of the longest-running martial-arts newsletters on the Net.

BUT … The only way to get on my VIP list is to become a customer (only valid with certain offers). With the purchase of How to End the Fight With One Hit, I’ll include you on this exclusive list … and as long as you stay subscribed, it will remain free for you, forever. It comes with lots of advantages:

    • You get to preview certain ebooks for free. Others on the Net pay for some of these.

    • You are privy to some of my best ebooklets and articles, with nothing more to buy, ever.

    • When I do launch a new offer on the Net, you’ll get access to the lowest price available, no matter what others are paying.

    • I’ll listen to you … I value my customer’s opinions. If there is something you need, maybe I can tailor an article or ebooklet to your needs.


You Have to Act Now!

Use your credit cart or Paypal to download the fighting ebook that delivers like no other*. (*Apologies for the hype … but I “am” proud of this one. This is what’s going to make the difference for you.)

Download your copy now and save! If you don’t grab a copy … someone else will!

Win The Fight Fast … Demolish Any A-Hole Attacker by Placing Your No-Hassle, Risk-Free Order Now


Absolutely YES — Show me the most efficient ways to end the fight fast, really fast, with techniques that I can use against the slime-balls on the streets who want to hurt me. I’m ready to download my copy, right now.

Click here, to download now!

I realize that I won’t be able to use a lot of what’s included in competition. Competition martial arts just can’t provide the level of defense that you need in a street-fighting situation.


    Keith Pascal


P.S. These techniques work for anyone. I’m no bodybuilding weightlifter; they work for me. My wife is only 5′ 2″ and weighs 112 pounds; she’s a powerful force in a fight. In fact, they have worked for all of my students … and a lot of customers, both beginners and advanced martial artists. Great principles are great principles, no matter who’s giving the beat-down.

P.P.S. Probably the best benefit of this ebook is that these methods make sense. You’ll see why techniques from other ebooks and courses come up lame, and why these techniques and strategies work. They really work. You are about to discover a new way to look at a fight. (And

Honestly, some people won’t take advantage of this limited offer — their loss. Whether or not you get End the Fight with One Hit, be sure to sign up for the Improve Your Punches Tips ….

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