Perfect Punch Timing

The “Spit ~n~ Hit” — 
Perfect Punch Timing

Several of you wrote in to Martial Arts Mastery offering a creative, and very direct, response to having to defend yourself with a drink in hand.

‘Your’ first response would be to spit the liquid in your mouth on your attacker.

That’s a great idea — good enough, that I should have thought of it too 😉



Spraying Your Attacker

Spraying your attacker with the fluid in your mouth could be an effective response, if you have a good sense of timing and distance.

You have to know the correct distance, because you don’t want your sprayed soda to fall short of its intended target — your attacker’s face.

You also want to be close enough, that you can follow with your hits and kicks instantly. Throwing liquid from a glass or spraying it out of your mouth isn’t the best way to defend yourself, if you have to wait for your attacker to close the distance after getting hit by the flow.

You want to kick now!



Martial Techniques Spaced Close Together

You need your timing of the spray and hit close together. You should start your spray, and then follow with your hit/or kick so soon, that your hit lands at about the same time as the liquid, or just a hair after.

[Steve Golden might go so far as to say that the hit should land ‘before’ the spray makes contact.]

Think of your liquid as being a distraction. Even if you have Pure Grain Alcohol in your mouth, don’t count on blinding your attacker or really slowing him or her down, unless you light the liquid on fire as it exits your mouth. [That was a joke. No fire balls, please. It’s not safe.]

Spraying from your mouth is just your ‘appetizer.’

You still have all of the ideas from the original article as follow-up. You could even launch some of those tactics at the same time as your mouth spray.



A Distraction Is a Distraction

Random thought: If your attacker were donned in a tuxedo, you could spray your wine or juice on his fine threads. And yes, you could stain a lady attacker’s dress in a similar fashion.

A distraction is a distraction. Use it to your advantage.

On the other hand, careful with this tactic.

If you spit on me, and I decided you were a threat, then I’d already be hitting as the liquid landed. I am not the “Wicked Witch of the West.” A little water wouldn’t even distract me, let alone melt me.

Many meanies on the street are a lot rougher than I — they don’t melt either.