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knockdown_punchesKnockdown Punches

Are you looking for one exercise that will add a significant amount of power to your punches after each and every practice session?

This may look similar to other punching exercises, but it’s not.

Follow the instructions to the letter, and you’ll see a difference after your first practice session. And YES, it does come with a money-back guarantee.

This is not a complete punching system, just one set of exercises to help you to get powerful punches from a short, non-telegraphed distance.

Now only $5 …  Order Knockdown Punches Now!  (23 pages)

Control Your Fear: A Guide For Martial Artists 


Originally, Control Your Fear was packaged with End the Fight with One Hit. After all, you’ll never handle yourself adequately, if you’re frozen in fear. (I know this from experience.)
Now, we’re proud to offer it as a stand alone offer … or with End The Fight, for combined savings.

If you want to end all martial-arts-related fears … the fear of fighting, the fear of hurting others, the fear of specific weapons, and even fears in a martial arts dojo … then you NEED this ebook and its bonuses.

Download Control Your Fear: A Guide for Martial Artists($19.95)

The Punch Papers (out of print) …

First came the punch articles. Next, we saw The Punch Papers v1.0. In the mid 2000s, version 2.0 hit the Net.

Now, photos have been added, over 20 new lessons and drills, and finally we have The Punch eCourse (see below). The Punch Papers, however, is now out of print.

The Ultimate Punch Course